New England/Northeast Square Dance Organizations/Associations
Square & Round Dancing Resources on the Web
Square Dance Manuals/Instructions

New England/Northeast Square Dance Organizations/Associations

Northeast Square Dancer Magazine
Square Dance New England
Connecticut Square Dance Callers and Teachers Association
Western Massachusetts Square and Round Dance Association WMSARDA
WMSARDA calendar
Southeastern Massachusetts Coordinating Association (SEMCA)
Worcester Area Coordinators Association (WACA)
Rhode Island Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs (RIFSRDC)
Vermont Association of Western Style Square Dance Clubs
New Hampshire Square Dance Resources (
Hudson Valley Council (HVC) - New York
Square Dance Clubs on Long Island (NY)
Square Dance Council of New Jersey
Northern New Jersey Square Dancers Association (NNJSDA)
Pennsylvania Square & Round Dance Federation
Maryland Square Dancing Federation

Square & Round Dancing Resources on the Web
Where's the Dance? Links to dance announcements/events all over the world
Western Square Dancing - DOSADO.COM (links to everything Square Dancing)
Vic and Debbie Ceder's Square Dance Resource Net
United Square Dancers of America
Northeast Caller School
CALLERLAB -- International Association of Square Dance Callers
Dave Gipson's Square Dance Site
Square and Round Dance Ring
Canadian Square and Round Dancing Society (CSRDS)
International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs
Single Square Dancers USA
An Online Guide to Square Dancing (includes links to other sites)
Roundalab Home Page
Roundalab Round Dancing Links
Roger Ward's Round Dance Site
Round Dancing Internet Directory
Round Dancing-Choreographed Ballroom Figure & Styling Manual by by Harold & Meredith Sears
Cue Sheets from All Over (includes videos) --
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Square Dance Manuals/Instructions
Mainstream and Plus Instructional Videos (courtesy of the Saddlebrook Squares of Tucson, Arizona
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts -- All Levels -- Ceder Chest Index of Definitions
Square Dancing Moves Illustrated (online manual from Japan)
Taminations Square Dance Animations (courtesy of the Tam Twirlers Square Dance Club, Larkspur, California)

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