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What is Modern Square Dancing?

Not only is Square Dancing fun and good exercise, it's also a social event. Modern Square Dancing has added new calls to the Traditional calls, yet dancers from Connecticut can Square Dance anywhere in the country, and even in other countries such as Germany or Japan, without having to learn the language. All calls, all over the world, are given the same names regardless of the local dialects.

Modern Square Dancing consists of several different programs. These programs extend from Beginner (no knowledge of square dancing required) to C1 (up to 254 calls with various variations). For a detailed list of the names of the various calls in each of the levels, see

How do I become a Square Dancer?

Most Square Dance Clubs in Connecticut and the neighboring areas offer lessons every year for people who have never square danced before. Most clubs begin their lessons starting in September and ending in June. Some Clubs run multi-cycle classes, with multiple entry points (typically September and January). Anyone who enjoys the activity and wants to become proficient at it will want to attend as many dances as possible to become comfortable with their newly acquired talents, and to become acquainted with other members of the square dance community as well as other callers.

What if I don't have time to commit to lessons?

While many clubs hold Fun Nights or Open Houses as a recruiting technique, no commitment is required. Dancers that are unable to commit to lessons may attend these events whenever they are held. One club, Dragonwood (located in Katonah, New York, just a few minutes over the state line), offers a beginner level, no experience necessary program. Square Dance "tips" are also held at many contra dances, but this is not guaranteed. For more information on Contra dancing in Connecticut, see the CTCONTRA website.

What about "Round Dancing"?

Round Dancing is very closely associated with Square Dancing, but not all Square Dancers dance Rounds, and not all Round Dancers dance Squares. Most Modern Western Square Dances and Conventions and Festivals have Round Dancing, either between "tips" (Square Dance sessions, usually running about 20 minutes), or in their own hall. Round Dance lessons are usually held by a cuer and do not involve organized clubs. Lessons may involve a group or may often be arranged privately. Cuers may be contacted directly for information on lessons. Those affiliated with CASDC may advertise from time to time on this page . See for the national list of cuers. Many (but not all) cuers are listed on this page.

Square Dance Options for Children

Different clubs have different rules about children attending classes and dances. If you would like to bring a child to a Square Dance or Square Dance lessons, you should contact that club and check with the club regarding their rules.

At various times in the past there have been numerous youth groups in Square Dancing. Youth groups are traditionally very energetic. Many Square Dance callers in the CASDC region were introduced to the activity as children. As smoking and drinking are usually discouraged at Square Dances, Square Dancing can be a good, clean, wholesome social activity.

Upcoming Open House Dances - Square Dancing

All Dragonwood dances are open to dancers of any or no experience. See the current CASDC schedule for dates and times.

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